Creek Chub Lures

Creek Chub Lures is a well-known brand for producing high-quality fishing lures. Three fishing enthusiasts, Henry Dills, Carl Heinzerling, and George Schulthess, founded the company in Garrett, Indiana, in 1910.

Fishing lures were mostly made of wood at the time, and they were often difficult to use and inconsistent in their performance. Creek Chub Lures’ founders sought to change this by developing a new type of fishing lure that was more durable, dependable, and effective.

The Creek Chub Wigglefish, designed to mimic the movement of a swimming fish, was the company’s first product. The Wigglefish was an instant hit, quickly becoming one of the most popular fishing lures available.

Creek Chub Lures kept innovating and expanding its product line, introducing new lures like the Injured Minnow, Pikie, and Dingbat. These lures were known for their realistic design, high-quality construction, and effectiveness in catching a wide range of game fish.

Creek Chub Lures struggled to stay afloat in the 1940s and 1950s due to increased competition from other fishing lure manufacturers. However, it continued to manufacture high-quality lures and eventually regained its position as an industry leader.

Creek Chub Lures is now recognised in the fishing tackle industry as a historic and iconic brand. Its lures are prized by collectors and fishermen alike, and the company’s legacy of innovation and quality continues to inspire the next generation of fishing tackle manufacturers.

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