The Creek Chub Pike Minnow (Original) was one of Creek Chubs most popular lures.Production began in the very early 1920’s and was continuous into the plastic models ath were produced up into the late 1970’s A three treble hook lure with a metal lip (series 700) there were many variations of this lure Baby pike, jointed pikie etc. Great examples of this lure, with box, can fetch around $100. Early models have no eyes. 4 1/2 inches, 3/4 of an ounce.

An early catalg states: “Gives best results when reeled slow but does not revolve if reeled fast. Its a near surface wiggler or by turning up the screw eye a few turns and reversing the mouth piece you will have surface spaltter”

“THe Pikie Minnow delivers the bass, and you can not afford to be without it!”

Early colours include: 70 Pikie Minnow, 701 White with blue head, 702 Jet Black with White head, 703 White with Red Head, 704 Natural Yellow Perch, 705 Golden Shiner, 706 Rainbow.

Creek Chub Pikie with Box #731

Creek Chub Pikie

Creek Chub Pikie Bottom View