The Heddon Zig Wag came in three styles, the Zig Wag (8300 series) the Zig Wag Jr. (8340 Series) and the King Zig Wag (8360 Series) First introduced in 1928 and then the Jr. and King models in the late 1930’s. They were sold until the early 1950’s. The 8300 was 4″ long with the Heddon l-rig hardware. Depending on condition these lures can fetch as much as $75.00.

Heddon Zig Wag Lure

Heddon Zig Wag

Heddon Lure Zig Wag Jr

Heddon Zig Wag Jr

Hiddon Zig Wag King

Heddon Zig Wag King

Zig Wag King

The Zig Wag King had a thumbtack like attachment for attaching artificial bait to the rear of the lure.

Heddon Zig Wag Ad from the mid 1930's

Heddon Zig Wag Ad from the mid 1930's