Old and Antique Fishing Lures

Heddon 150 Dowagiac 5 Hook Lure

Collecting old and antique lures and fishing tackle is a great hobby. Antique fishing tackle has a have everlasting appeal. They take us to a simple time, where smaller scale lure making was the way things were done. There was plenty of room for innovation, and the diversity of tackle and and abundant nostalgia make this a very gratifying hobby.

Any angler who found an tackle box full of old will know the wonderful feeling that comes from collecting old, antique, vintage fishing lures and fishing tackle. Although the lures may be dirty and rusted, they are work of art of a simpler and quieter period in history.

During the late 20th century,the little lure manufacturers conquered the industry. There were a few national lure brands but they were not marketed the same way as how things are mass marketed now. Most lure were regional innovations that worked well in the locations they were made for.

Many antique lures are larger than life, very big compared to some of the lures that we use today, generally designed for top water or shallow water use.

The weight was need to prevent backlash on lines, but as fishing reels and lines progress the need for larger lures diminished.

The main lures that are collectible belong to the main lure companies of the time, Heddon, Paw Paw, South Bend, Creek Chub, Pflueger, Arbogast and Shakespeare.