The Pflueger Globe was first introduced in the mid 1910’s (catalog # 3700) A very collectable lure. It came in a variety of colours, Patented min 1922.

According to an early catalog, “The Pfleuger globe bait is made of selected cedar, heavily coated with flexible enamel which will not peel. The propeller blades are mad of strong spring metal polished and attached firmly to the head, spinning the head in a manner as produces a churn, wake and struggling effect as made by a drowning insect or other bait. Can effectively be used by Pop Casting. The tail hook is secured to the body with a strong screw eye in and through a nickle plated socket eyelet.

A popular collectors lure, this lure can fetch up to $150.00 depending on lure condition and age.

Pflueger Globe

Pflueger Globe Hardware

Pflueger Globe Yellow with Box

Pflueger Globe Front View Close Up