The Shakespeare Evolution Minnow Bait is a very early Shakespeare lure first appearing in the early 1900’s. The lure had three treble hooks and is made of rubber They were made from 2′ to 4″ long. These lures can fetch up to $500 depending on age and condition. (Catalog #4 and 5 GAE)

A Shakespeare catalog describes the lure as “a strikingly lifelike artificial made from pure rubber and tinted natural colors. It is designed for deep water trolling and bait casting and should be allowed to sink to the desired depth before being retrieved. So closely does this bait resemble a live minnow that no game fish will allow the opportunity to strike at it pass unheeded. The test of actual fishing has proven the Evolution to be a fish catcher of merit. Made in two sizes. Nickled spinners, and two side treble hooks and one tail treble hook.

Shakespeare Evolution Minnow Bait

Shakespeare Evolution Minnow Bait Bottom

Shakespeare Evolution