South Bend had a lot of lures that shared numbers over time, including the South Bend Two Oreno Lure, which was a series model number 975 and for some reason shared a model number with a King Andy and a Pike Oreno. That would actually explain the Two Oreno since they are essentially two lures. The phrase “A Thrill for Bait Casters, two Lures in One” appears in the 1937 South Bend Antique Lure catalogue. 3 and 3/4 inches long . The one and only dual-action bait. Both ends can be used for fishing. It will dive deep and fish from one end, acting like the well-known Pike Oreno. When fishing with it from the other end, it possesses the renowned Bass Oreno’s darting, diving movement, which is the most effective fish-getter of them.